Spring 2014

Dialectic Materials: Montage in Visual and Performance Culture - LINA 3007 A

Professor(s):   Theresa Cowan  
Day(s):  TR
Time(s):  11:55 am - 1:35 pm 
CRN:  7182
Credits:  4

Course Description
From Sergei Eisenstein's cinematic montage and Walter Benjamin's bricolage, to the European cabaret cultures of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, to the hybrid-temporality of Diego Rivera's murals, to American Vaudeville, to Ezra Pound's parataxis, to contemporary feminist and queer political variety shows, to mash-up culture and "scrap-booking," to the net art of Jessica MacCormack, to the AIDS "montage documentary" Untitled (Jim Hodges, Encke King, and Carlos Marques da Cruz, 2010), this course will take students through theories of dialectical politics and the aesthetics of visual juxtaposition. The course will also give students a good sense of how one might broadly approach "visual cultural studies" in translocal contexts and as an inter-discipline. Students will be encouraged to experiment with solo and collaborative montage creations throughout the course and with a range of critical writing genres including essays, catalog entries, reviews, video confessionals, Tumblr blogs and Twitter posts.

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