Fall 2015

Web Coding for Interactive Design - LLSJ 2241 A

Professor(s):   Aurelia Moser  
Day(s):  W
Time(s):  6:00 pm - 7:50 pm 
CRN:  7555
Credits:  2

Course Description
Interactives and news apps are changing the way we process media, and the expectations for media producers in newsrooms globally. Data journalism departments and newsrooms like Vox, the NYTimes, ProPublica, and 538 build narrative and newsworthy tools around code; and the participatory nature of their media output invokes new languages and web fluencies. This course will introduce web development for newsroom interactives, including an introduction to web scripting languages, version control for collaborative coding, and the authorship of interactive narrative on the web. The goal of the course is to compliment student's existing coursework and interests with some essential coding skills, by course completion, helping them design, build, and deploy a data-driven, or news-inspired interactive. Students will workshop a news interactive of their own design throughout the course, punctuated by smaller exercises and lecture pairings on the topics of HTML5/CSS3, Javascript and contemporary development in data journalism.

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