Spring 2017

The Politics of the Internet - LPOL 3042 A

Professor(s):   Zeynep Gokay Ustun 
Day(s):  MW / MW
Time(s):  11:55 am - 1:35 pm / 11:55 am - 01:35 pm
CRN:  5601
Credits:  4

Course Description
The Internet is an open meta-network with no centralized control. However, behind closed doors, Internet companies and governments make agreements over the ways of regulating the virtual space. Conflicts arise and the people gets on the streets to claim their rights and liberties. The politics of the Internet affects the way we access the Internet, the content we post, the websites we can see, and the security and profitability of the data we send. This undergraduate seminar is intended to introduce students to some of the most important political debates surrounding the regulation of the Internet. It will examine various sites of conflict - free speech, hate crimes, copyright laws, content sharing services, the use of data, privacy and surveillance, and digital political activism. Through various legal and political cases, we will discuss the principles of content creation, and issues of content regulation. The reading material contains both textual and visual materials such as books, articles, documentaries, and online tutorials.

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