Fall 2010

Gobal Migration - UGLB 3510 A

Professor(s):  Alexandra Delano 
Day(s):  MW
Time(s):  10:00 am - 11:40 am 
CRN:  6291
Credits:  4

Course Description
With over 200 million international migrants and more than $300 billion in annual remittances, migration is a top priority on national and international agendas. States, international organizations, citizens groups and businesses face a global challenge in terms of minimizing the human costs and maximizing the benefits of migration and making it a choice rather than a necessity. This course will give students the ability to understand and analyze contemporary international migration flows, their causes and effects, and the policies and institutions that attempt to manage these flows across countries and regions. Who is responsible for migrants and migration, how do “host” and “sending” states define their interests and responsibilities towards border controls, remittances, and diasporas? Our discussion of the governance of migration will also lead us to explore how identities and borders are being transformed together with experiences of citizenship and immigrant integration. Our discussions will be informed by interdisciplinary academic sources, documentaries, films, news media, photographs, music, and site visits.

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